About Us

Ennomys Beauty was created by celebrity Symonne Harrison from her desire to have a full line of make up products to create any look without needing to have multiple products from different brands. No more trying to match different brand shades to find your ideal look. Ennomys Beauty's product line is all you need from everyday simple to full glam.

Ennomys Beauty prides itself on having shades for all skin tones and colors, in addition to being vegan based products which are not tested on animals. Our products are FDA and EU certified and all packaging being from recycled materials.

Our product line covers the concealing, foundation, priming, and full line of lip based products. Choose from our wide selection of concealers, foundations, bronzers, lip liners, lipsticks, lip balms, dual lash mascara, lengthening mascara, blush pallets, eyeshadow pallets, makeup remover, setting sprays, and much more.

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • FDA & EU Approved

  • High Quality